Dairy products are not good on the skin. Here are two reasons why you need to go easy on the dairy.

Dairy Hormones Can Increase Sebum

Natural milk contains animal hormones that are not great for the skin. They are meant to help baby animals grow and are not meant to be beneficial to human beings. Research has shown that the hormones in this particular milk spike up testosterone production and other androgens responsible for sebum production. Sebum oversecretion is tantamount to more breakouts. These hormonal breakouts usually dot the skin around the jaw line or chin.

Dairy Proteins and Breakouts

Milk contains casein and whey. These are proteins that release an insulin-type hormone known as IGF-1. IGF-1 is notorious for triggering breakouts. Skimmed milk contains more casein and whey than whole milk. So the healthy and supposed fat-free milk that you are consuming is not beneficial after all at least for the skin. Health experts believe that because casein is not easily  digested, it causes an inflammation in the stomach which reaches the skin.

Research has proven that breakouts are mainly linked to milk and ice cream consumption. Not so much to yoghurt or cheese ingestion. One theory that supports this is that the good bacteria in yoghurt and cheese ward off the inflammatory effects of dairy. In other words, fermented dairy products contain less of the IGF-1 hormone.  The best approach to this is to cut down the consumption of dairy products and eat more vibrant veggies and leafy greens.

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