Beauty tips for thick and healthy Eye Brow

Brows – the first and foremost notable and the most attractive feature for the face frame and expression. Thicker, darker, attractive and well shaped eyebrows tend to gather more attention for our face.

Who doesn’t want thicker and darker eyebrows? Who doesn’t want to seek everyone’s attention by showing an aesthetic expression of eyebrows? Who doesn’t want to attract others by raising dense and beautiful eyebrows?

It’s not a big challenge to get thicker and darker eyebrows. Tropical applications of oil and other nutrients and some changes in our day-to-day life results in beautiful eyebrows.

This post is about how to assist growth of eyebrow hair and maintain beautiful eyebrows. If you follow the following steps you could mesmerise others with your eyebrows.

Castor Oil

The very first thing that strikes our mind when talking about eyebrow growth is “Castrol oil”. It is one of the oldest traditional and the most inexpensive methods used to grow eyebrow hair.

Why does castor oil play a crucial role in eyebrow hair growth? Castor oil is rich in all the essential fatty acids and Vitamin-E, which enhances the growth of eyebrow hair. Topical applications of castor oil in eyebrow stimulates the hair growth and also improves blood circulation.


Coconut Oil

It’s not only a healthy cooking oil alternative (delicious recipe found here), it can increase those brows as well! According to this study, coconut oil is an excellent conditioning treatment that prevents hair breakage!

If you dye your eyebrows or have done so in the past, then this is the remedy for you! Apply coconut oil to your brows in the same way you do with castor oil. (Follow the steps above but replace the castor oil with organic coconut oil).

Almond Oil

Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. According to Healthline, almond oil has many different health benefits as well as being incredible for hair growth; ‘helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and improve memory. It may help you lower the risks of diseases like cancer and heart disease.’ Almond oil will also soften the skin, allowing eyebrow hairs to grow efficiently.

It leaves you with a silky soft touch and smelling delicious; buy organic almond oil here. Almond oil can also be applied in the same method as castor and coconut oil has been, leaving your brows extraordinarily soft, smooth and volumized!


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